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There is a constant need to help pets be adopted by loving families. Pet dogs and cats can't take care of themselves on the street, homeless, in the elements such as rain, cold and storms. The recent hurricane in New Orleans and Mississippi showed us heart breaking pictures of dogs that lost their families and were left to fend for themselves without food or shelter. It's likely that these caring dogs realized that a disaster happened and they searched for their owners in attempt to "rescue" them. They knew their owners had to be in harms way. Dogs and other animals are known to look after their families (owners) to help them when any type of disaster hits or they are injured.

It is important we help our friends of the animal world. We need to rescue them. When pets are used to living in a house and provided food and other care, it's cruel when they have to try to survive on their own. It's great when a shelter takes them in but they need to be adopted as they can't and shouldn't be kept in  a animal shelter for a long time. With all the love and joy pets give to all of us we owe it to them to help take care of them when in need.
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